Sunday, June 22, 2008

29 weeks

I posted 3 post today, so make sure you look at them all(kaylee and nursery too).

STRETCH MARKS!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Every one of them are worth it :)

Kaylee Grace

Look at me I LOVE the fan. 
Please.......can I have an ice cube?
This is what happens when I don't get my nap durring the day, I crash. Did I mention I LOVE Uncle Bobby?
Who can say no?
Day 2 of very little naps, I'm very sleepy. I just woke up when daddy got ready to take the picture. He he he. 

Putting together the nursery

On Saturday, Mommy, Daddy, Auntie E and Uncle Bobby put together the furnature. The nursery is still quite a mess, but we are working on it. There isn't much space to work with 2 cribs, two dressers and a spare bed. 
Mommy and Auntie E reading the directions and figuring out how to put the cribs together.
Mommy posing with the cribs. Don't they look awesome?
Uncle Bobby and Mommy comparing their bellies. 
Dresser/changing table. There also is a 5 drawer dresser that we forgot to take a picture of. 
Auntie E admiring our handy work. Please ignore the mess in the background.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Utrasound and Phone Call

Yesterday was our 28w u/s. Since the babies are getting bigger it was very hard to get good pictures. We have pictures of an arm, leg, cheek, and hair. For some reason, it won't let me put them up. I will try again later. The stats on the babies.

Rebekah (Bekah)
24w u/s 
1lb 9oz
53rd %

28w u/s (this week)
2lb 15oz

William (Billy)
24w u/s
1lb 11oz
60th %

28w u/s (this week)
63rd %

He sure shocked us because his leg measured in the 88th % I think we have a tall little one on our hands.

We enjoyed every moment watching them wiggle, we saw Billy kick Beckah in the butt. We were praying that he wouldn't wake her up because they were moving a little and made it hard enough to get the measurements.

I got the phone call today from my drs office. I failed my 3hr glucose test, so that means I have Gestational Diabetes. I go to my first class on Friday (next week) and will learn about how to change my diet and check my sugar levels I believe. Pray that it is easy to keep under control. 
We love you all. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Not so fun ending to our Vacation

After a wonderful weekend, we headed home. About an hr and 1/2 into the 4 hr drive, I started having contractions. They started coming very regular, and so I started timing them. Sure enough they were about 8 min apart. So I reclined my seat and started really pushing the fluids. They continued to come about 8 min apart. This stayed the same for an hr and a half. I called the dr and explained what was going on. They had us drive right to the drs office. The contractions continued all the way there. When I got there they were still about 8 min apart and had been going for 2 1/2 hrs. 

The dr checked the hbs both were great, Bekah's in the 140s and Billy's in the 130s. They ran a few tests, and checked my cervix. The cervix looked great. I'm pretty much on modified bed rest. I'm to relax on the couch, take baths, no cleaning or stuff like that. I'm to take it easy. She also gave me some meds to relax and sleep. They knocked me out and I had a great 10 hrs of sleep last night. I took a 2 hr nap earlier and getting ready to take a nap again. 

I go in on Thursday for an ultrasound, and recheck on Monday if the contractions don't get worse. 

Please pray that the babies stay in there for a few more weeks. We can't wait to meet them, but need to. 

Friday, June 13th

Our first visit to the beach!!! It is beautiful. Sunglasses are a must. 

Mommy and the kids on her birthday :)

We checked out the beach, checked into the hotel, looked around the city some and then played in the pool. Changed and went to dinner for my birthday. Check out my new hoop earrings from Bill. I just love them. You can see them in other pics from the weekend. 

Saturday, June 14th

On Saturday, we walked around the historical part of Wilmington, NC. We took a trolly tour and were able to see a bunch of neat places that I would never have been able to walk to. We found a very yummy local place for dinner. I wish we had one closer. In the evening (after the sun went down) we went and played mini golf at this really awesome place. 

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day Bill!
Daddy woke up to some of his father's day presents. The ultrasound pics have sayings on them. Billy's says "following in your footsteps, love Billy" it is a picture of his foot. Bekah's says "I've already got you wrapped around my little pinkie, love Bekah" it is a picture of her little finger. :) Bibs that say I love Daddy, a picture frame that says "family" reserved for the picture of the 5 of us. We went shopping for his big daddy present that he is in love with. Daddy bought a new pair of Birkenstock sandals. His old ones were 8 years old and falling apart. Now he has new ones to break in. 

On our way to the new hotel, rain started, then it poured. We were surprised how hard it was coming down. We were very close to our hotel and the streets started flooding, at one intersection, we almost got stuck. One car was already stuck in the intersection. As soon as we made it to the hotel, we pulled in and parked. We were very early, and check in wasn't for a few hrs. Thankfully I had called early in the morning and asked if our room would be ready for early check in and they said they would see what they could do. We were able to check in about an hr early, and we stayed at the hotel the rest of the day. We didn't want to chance getting stuck somewhere. Thankfully our hotel had 3 different restaurants to choose from. Then after the storm cleared we were able to enjoy the rest of the day. 
After the storm cleared, we went for a walk on the beach, then played in the pool and ocean. Here is my 28w belly picture. 
Can you find the pregnant lady in the pool? Its ME! This picture was taken from our room's balcony. :)
Here is a pic under the boardwalk. 

A pic of us at sunset on our balcony. We had such a great time. I can't wait to go back. 

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dr. Visit

Today I had a check up to find out if I passed my glucose tolerance test and to get permission to travel.

Well I failed the test, so now I will take a 3hr test instead of the 1hr one. So that means I get to sit in a waiting room, on an uncomfortable chair for 3 hrs. Oh yeah, and I get to drink the nasty glucose drink. YUCK!!! 

The great news, we get to have a weekend getaway. We are so excited! I hope to post a bunch of pictures when we return. :) 

Love you all!!!

Monday, June 02, 2008

26 weeks

Belly is getting very big. Stretch marks are showing up, but that is ok, they are worth it. I had a check up today and both babies sounded great. I go back in next Thursday the 12th to get permission to leave for the weekend. We are trying to go to the coast for a little get away before the kids are born. We are going for my birthday and Bill's first Fathersday. I really hope that the drs will let us go, I'm sure that they won't let me travel much longer.
Here is our new stroller. The car seats snap into the frame and away we go. Bill and I made the kids bears and they are using the car seats until they get here. 

Our goofy little Kaylee. She was on her back like this holding her toy in the air for quite a while. I couldn't believe that she held the position long enough for us to take a picture. I hope you enjoy all of our pictures and our updates.