Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Uncle Bobby and Auntie E got us our NYE outfits. We look so cute in them. Mommy couldn't help herself when she saw such cute NYE bibs. 

Bill and I were talking last night about all of the things that we have gone through in the past year. We found out we were pregnant, then discovered it was twins. Prayed that I wouldn't have complications with the pregnancy. Had some scary expriences while pregnant. Delivered healthy babies, experienced collic, GERD(acid reflux), sleepless nights, holding heads up, first smiles, first laughs, first sleeping through the night, soaking mom at bath times, playing video games with daddy, more diapers and spit up than you can imagine. Through it all, we are enjoying every moment of parenting, the laughs, the tears and all of the fears are worth it. We are very blessed and excited to see all of the changes the kids will go through in 2009. God bless!

We have a sitter....sorta

Billy is doing a great job sitting up with help. He had so much fun sitting up after his morning bottle. :)