Friday, April 29, 2011


Yesterday was the last day of our vacation. We enjoyed a bunch of family fun activities including playing at the park, family pictures, going out to eat, picnic in the living room, movies, mall, shopping, miniature golf and sight seeing in Asheville. We did have plenty of rest time in there and just overall enjoyed our time as a family.

This was the first long period of time that Bill and I have had off of work and we didn't go to Michigan. It was difficult decision, but we really needed the time for our family and driving 12 hrs + each way is very stressful with a little girl that gets car sick. We are planning a trip in July and are looking forward to it.

Bekah is doing even better with potty training. She decided yesterday while we were in Asheville that she would do a great job and not having any accidents. Today she decided that she wanted to wear panties so I put them on her and she hasn't had an accident yet.

Billy still isn't very interested in using the potty, but we aren't going to push him. When he is interested, he will.