Friday, November 12, 2010

Michigan Trip

We are looking forward to our upcomming trip to Michigan. We have been practicing all of the names of our family and friends. They know that we are going to be seeing family soon and ask about it often. Please pray for a safe trip and that the kids don't get too bored with the long drive. Please don't take it personal if we don't get to you over the holidays. We are going to try our very best to see everyone, but we don't want to stretch ourselves out too much.

Bekah is getting used to routines and was very cute this morning. Yesterday we were all home. Bill and I both had the day off. When Bekah woke up she said "go to church mommy?" She is so used to having Saturday at home and then going to church the next day. She made me proud. Yesterday while eating dinner she said "mommy... Jesus loves me!" Moments like these remind me of how blessed we are to be parents. I'm so thankful to have these moments, even the frustrating times of parenting are made a lot easier.

Billy has a double ear infection for the second time in less than 6 weeks. He was a good sport when we went to the Dr. He has been very sweet while he has been sick. Bill and I have both enjoyed the snuggling he has been asking to do. He loves making people laugh and having us name things for us. We are organizing the kids closet and found one of Bill's machbox cars. Billy has been having a blast playing with Daddy's car. When we find the rest of them we will get them out for him.

Please continue to pray for us with parenting and growing a Christian family. Everyday we are blessed with joys and new challenges.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Much needed updates

Sorry we have been MIA for so long.
September 24th-26th Erica and I went to a Women's Retreat. We had a blast! Our rooms reminded us of dorms and we wondered why we didn't room together in college.
On Saturday, October 30th we went to Dallas to trick-or-treat. We were able to see Aunt E (she was passing out candy) and Uncle Bob (he was working). The kids weren't sure what to do with all of the people and it was their first time out for trick-or-treating. We didn't stay long because it was very busy and the kids weren't feeling the greatest.

On Sunday we went to our friends neighborhood and they got the hang of going up to the doors. They were confused because some people put the candy in their buckets and others wanted them to pick it out on their own. It seemed that they did the wrong thing at every house. :) They learned a new word "CANDY" I'm not sure how we have been able to keep it out of their vocabulary this long, but it is now apart of our daily lives.

Sorry it has taken us so long to update. I will try to do a better job, life is getting very busy. Can't wait to see family and friends soon.