Friday, May 29, 2009

Speaking of Hockey.....

GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!

Bill Playing Hockey

It has been a really long time since I've played hockey on a consistent basis. When we first moved down to NC I tried to play a few times here and there but never got into a league. With my first job traveling, and then the birth of the kids, it was really hard to find the time to join a league. Well I finally decided it had been too long and I'm going to get back to playing again. I don't travel anymore for work, and the kids are getting old enough where it's fun to take them out and do things.
I really enjoy playing both as a Player and as a Goalie, but I just recently purchased some new goalie equipment so I started off with that first. For those of you that might remember, I had a problem with my left thumb when closing my glove, so the new equipment was to allow me to switch to catching with my right hand instead. This has worked out very well so far, my thumb doesn't hurt anymore and my play seems to have stayed at the same level. I also found a steal on a new set of leg pads that actually fit me the way I like (my old ones were too big for my tastes) and a new chest protector that fit better and allowed for better ventilation. I've played a few pickup games and/or practices on ice and am really enjoying it. Two problems though....first, I am waaay out of shape lol and second, both ice rinks just started their summer sessions and I was too late to make a team. Still desperately wanting to get back to playing, I'm turning to my first love and joined a house team at the inline rink. Karrie and I figured it's probably been around 4 years since I played a league as a player not a goalie. I'm really looking forward to playing again, especially as a player. Goalie is great, I love the challenge and I really like learning the new position, but I started out as a player. It will be a fun way to get back in shape and be able to play without worrying about my positioning or not making a save. I can just go 'play'.
I posted some pictures of a recent pickup game of my in goal, and a practice session that Bob and I did where I skated on ice for the first time as a player. Boy is that different then inline lol!! My first inline game is this coming Wednesday, June 3rd and I'll post on what happens. Hopefully Karrie and the kids can make it to some of the games and we can get some pictures up of that too!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

9 Months Old

Bekah and Billy are really getting big. Daily we are amazed by their smiles, cries, new "tricks" and all of the love and joy that comes with parenting. A year ago I was praying that I would be able to carry them as long as possible, now I'm praying we don't have any major injury. Billy is fearless and uses his head to explore the world and to "break" his falls. This ends in lots of tears. Bekah also has her share of the falls around the house. They have discovered that they can pull up on anything and everything and that they can walk from one thing to another if they can still reach. This results in quite a few of the falls but they continue to venture.

We have to get gates up soon. So far they haven't even ventured towards the stairs, but it won't be long. When they have clothing on their knees they love to crawl on the kitchen floor because they can go very fast, just dragging their legs behind. The kitchen has become a not so safe area. This morning Billy pinced his fingers in the cupboard door when he used it to pull up on and it closed with a finger inside. We are going to get gates and other safety stuff tomorrow. They both have ventured towards the dog dishes. Now, I know that dog food probably won't hurt them, but I'm more afraid of them choking on the food. We are looking for gates that have easy open doors for us. We have a normal gate, but it is annoying to step over and to take down everytime Kaylee wants in the kitchen.

I have 11 days with my students left and then a few work days. I can't believe that this year is almost over. I have worked at my school now for over 2 years. I will be starting my 3rd year of teaching this fall. I have learned so much about myself, teaching and life in the past few years.

A few weeks ago we attended baby dedication class at our church. The same day we attended membership class and applied for membership. It is nice feeling that we have a place that we belong. It has been very hard leaving our church in MI (KMC we miss you), but we know that God has plans for us here. It was hard for us to step out of our comfort zones and to seek a new church home. It has been a long jorney looking for a church, but we feel led to our new church home. Thanks to all of our friends and family that have been praying for us on this jorney.

Please pray for us concerning Billy. The kids stopped their axid reflux at 6 months old. When Billy was on the meds and now that he is off, his amount of spitting up has not decreased. Bekah pretty much grew out of it. She may spit up once a week or something but nothing like Billy. The drs tell us that they want to wait till he is a year old and see how he is then. They don't think he needs to go back on his medicine (didn't notice a differnce with the spit up) so now we just wait and see. Pray that we know what to do and if we should seek a second opinion.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Billy was very sleepy and daddy was ready to take him upstairs to bed.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mommy's new toy!

For Mother's Day, Daddy and kids spoiled mommy rotten. I have been getting very frustrated with our camera and my wonderful husband noted my comments. He went out and got me a wonderful Canon Rebel XSi and a zoom lense. I love it and I'm learning some of the many features it has to offer. I now know what will take up most of my summer. (camera+kids=fun). Here are just a few of the new shots. Please take it easy on me, I'm still learning.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

8 month old fun!!!

Our fun times sure have changed. We are teething and each have our bottom left tooth. We chew on everything even moving things like mommy and daddy. Pulling up in the crib is a blast, so is climbing on mommy and daddy. The chairs are fun to pull up on too. We miss everyone, hope to see ya soon.

Bekah has her first bottom tooth and the second is almost through, I'd give it a day or two. She waves bye with her right arm. Her face lights up the room when she smiles. We find her sleeping in some of the strangest positions in her crib. 

Billy also has his first bottom tooth, it showed up about 4 days after sisters'. His next bottom tooth isn't far behind. He is pulling up like a pro. He started  out with just going up to his knees, now he makes it all the way standing without problems. 

The favorite new toy of the house is the spring door stop (one in hall and one in kitchen) and the cords to daddy's electronics. Pretty much everthing they shouldn't play with, including daddy's game cases.

Bill and I look at them in awe and wonder where the time has gone. We went to our church memebership class last sunday and applied for membership. We also went to the baby dedication class for Bekah and Billy's dedication on May 24th. We are very excited and for thoes of you that won't be able to be there we will provide you with the link to our church's website that will have it up to watch the video. 

We miss everyone and please keep praying for us. Both of our jobs are trying to stay secure and we are both taking pay cuts. It is very hard to do with raising twins, but we are so thankful that we didn't lose our jobs or have lay offs. God Bless.

Many of the pictures have captions, be sure to read.