Friday, January 18, 2008

Family Pictures

We know it has been a long time since we put up some pictures, so I hope you enjoy them. We don't have a bunch, but would like to share.
This picture was taken at my dads house at Christmas. It is the first really good picture of our family. I know your probably thinking, "the three of them make a cute family." Well......(scroll down)

It is really a picture of the five of us. That's right, we are pregnant with TWINS. We are just about 7weeks. We have seen the heart beats of both babies and they are measuring right on track. Prayers are much appreciated, because we are not out of the woods yet. I have a high chance of a miscarriage. These little ones are completely in Gods hands, they are his children. We are praying that they will continue to stay healthy and that we will have a healthy pregnancy.

Finally an Update!!

Hey everybody, I decided that it was probably time to update the blog considering the last time was JULY!! We've really been enjoying being down here in NC, especially the weather now that it's winter. With the exception of this past week, it usually hovers around 50 degrees or so for the high. Oh, and we actually get to see the sun too! I still don't really care for my job and have been actively searching the job websites for something new. Hopefully God will send something my way that I will really enjoy and want to get out of bed to go to in the morning. It's been really nice having Bob down here too, we hang out a bunch. It was nice to see everyone over Christmas, Karrie and I had a lot of fun. Speaking of Christmas, we got a new bed! It's wonderful, the first time I slept on it I fell asleep so hard that both my arms were asleep when I woke up. Even Kaylee likes the new bed. Bob was over the other day playing games while I was at work, and after a few minutes realized that Kaylee wasn't in the living room with him. He quietly walked through the apartment to catch her if she was doing something bad, only to find her asleep on our bed :) She is so much fun and has so much personality for a puppy. For those of you that haven't seen her lately, she is basically full grown at 35lbs, her back is a little below my knees, and has more energy then she knows what to do with. We'll have to post some pics of her for everyone to see. Oh, and boy can she jump, just ask Karrie's Dad! He has a large couch with a very high back to it (the top is probably just under my chest) and Kaylee jumped OVER the back of the couch onto the floor in front of it!! It was funny watching Karrie try to scold her while laughing her butt off! Well I better get going (gotta do that whole "work" thing) but we will try to keep things updated more now.

Stay tuned over the next few days for pics of Kaylee, and some "other" news too! ;)