Monday, September 22, 2008

Doctors Visit

We took Bekah to the dr today because she was showing the same signs as her brother. We now have 2 babies with reflux issues. Thankfuly we didn't wait around on taking them in for this. Our dr told us today that it can really do quite a bit of damage if it isn't treated. 

Both babies are looking great and have great weights. As of today Bekah is 6lb 13oz (5lb 2oz at birth) and Billy is 8lb 4oz(6lb 4oz at birth). The dr was very happy about their weights. 

Billy is a much happier baby with his reflux medication. He is back to his happy self and cries when he is hungry. 

Bekah is uncomfortable from the reflux, but I'm sure she will be back to her happy self when the meds kick in. 

Tomorrow they will be one month old. I can't believe how fast time flies. We keep trying to remind ourselves to take pictures and I will try to get some up tonight or tomorrow. We will try to do a better job of posting pictures. We get so busy with the kids that we forget about it.

Friday, September 12, 2008

2 weeks old!

Here are some pictures of our second week of life outside of mommy. Update on Billy: we took him back to the dr today and were told some different tricks to help him feel comfortable. We are continuing his reflux medication and adding some other medicine to help him feel better. At the moment we are working on ruling out colic, but aren't sure. Please continue to pray for our little man so that he can be comfortable and enjoy checking out the world around him. 

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Life with twins...

Sorry we haven't updated in a few days, as everyone can imagine we've been a little busy. My Dad sent me an email with a bunch of questions about the kids, and it made me realize how much has gone on in such a short period of time. Both kidos have gained weight since their first doctors appointment. Billy was at 7lbs 2 oz and Bekah at 6 lbs as of Monday. With the weight gains, their faces have started to change already! It's nothing dramatic, but you can tell Bekah's cheeks are fuller. We'll try and post some pics tonight/tomorrow and hopefully you'll be able to see the difference. Oh, speaking of difference, their belly buttons have completely healed too!

The reason we were at the doctors on Monday is for our poor little man. He has reflux issues, and before the meds, he would scream bloody murder for what appeared to be no reason. He's been better since we've started him on the meds, but by no means has he been a happy baby. It takes a few days for the meds to fully work, so we should start seeing progress anytime now. As far as their gas issues, the both are still needing the drops to help out. Speaking of doctor visits, poor Billy has to go in on Sept 22 for another circumcision type procedure. It's not another circumcision, but the do have to numb him up and remove some more tissue. I'll spare you the not so wonderful details.

Both kidos have been more observant, staying awake for longer periods then they had before (not that 20 minutes is long or anything). Bekah is still the queen of facial expressions, where Billy doesn't say much with his face but with his eyes. When he's awake, his eyes are WIDE open. Those suckers are huge!! Our nights are still hit or miss, some nights they keep us up for hours at a time, and then others they sleep over 3 hours before feeding again. Karrie has been wonderful to me, letting me sleep through at least one of the overnight feedings so I can get rest for work. She is such a wonderful mommy! She has been quite the trooper while I've been working, and she'll stay home with them until at least Oct. 20th before returning to work.

Speaking of Karrie, she has been doing great with her recovery. Her incision is healing great and she's been able to do most everything she wants. She's even taken the kids out to the doctors by herself! Oh, and she's lost 43lbs!!!!! Needless to say she's a little thrilled with that! We've both had our moments, but for the most part we are just so happy to finally be holding our little miracles. It's hard to explain the joy I experience when I get home from work and say "How's my little man?" and have my son turn to look at me with those big puppy dog eyes of his. Or to watch my daughter smile at you during her sleep. We still need all your thoughts and prayers as this is a very exhausting time for us, but really we couldn't be happier.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008