Sunday, May 01, 2011

April 2011

April has been a busy month around here. We celebrated Easter early with our church family. They had a preschool party that included an easter egg hunt, a visit fromt the easter bunny, games, craft and a snack. The kids loved it up until meeting the easter bunny. Billy would get near the bunny, but Bekah wanted nothing to do with the easter bunny.

For my spring break as I mentioned before we stayed at home. We had some adventures and just had some time as a family. One of the days we were heading out to the park to play with their golf clubs for the first time, but just as we were ready to head out, it started to thunder. Sure enough, minutes later it started raining. The kids were very disappointed that we were not going to be able to go to the park, but they played in the rain instead.

We weren't able to go to Deb's Graduation from WMU on Saturday because Bill couldn't take work off on Friday. Thankfully WMU broadcasted the graduation over the web. We were able to watch Deb's Graduation 750 miles away in North Carolina. Mom, I'm sorry we didn't dress up, I will admit we were in pj's and were playing with the kids through most of the ceremony. After the graduation we were able to Skype with all of the family that was there to celebrate her big day. Sorry we couldn't be there mom.

We were able to get to the park on Saturday. We took the golf clubs and a picnic dinner. The kids ran around and had a blast. At one point Bekah brought her red club up to us and said that it "doesn't match my shirt, I need a pink one" Bill and I lost it and tried to get her to repeat it on a video. Billy picked up on the golf really quick and Bekah did well, but was frustrated easily. We ended our park visit the best way possible with a trip to DQ for a blizzard. Hope you enjoy the pictures.