Friday, June 23, 2006

Tonight will be the last night of Vacation Bible School. I have really enjoyed working with the children and seeing them learn and get excited about God. I have enjoyed working in the bible story area, becasue I got the chance to talk to all of the children and see the differences between ages.

We finish packing tonight and we get to leave for vacation tomorrow morning. I can't wait to be back to Bill and my special place. The cabin has so many wonderful memories, and more new memories waiting to happen. I'm somewhat nervous about getting everything done. (I have to work tonight and have VBS too). I know that I will get through it all.

Bill has been verry busy this week. He worked late, and also had a trip to Chicago this week along with training new staff. I'm really looking forward to spending time just the two of us, but I'm also excited to spend time with our family too.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Yesterday Bill and I celebrated my 23rd birthday with dinner at Logans. We had a bunch of fun and enjoyed spending some much needed time together.
Today I was notified by field placement office at WMU that my fall internship was changed. I was originally in Kalamazoo Public Schools at Milwood Elementary in a kindergarten classroom. Now I will be at Green Meadows Elementary School in Comstock Public Schools in a second grade classroom. I'm excited, I've had experience in a second grade class before and look forward to being in the same grade again.
Saturday will mark one week until we leave for the cabin up north. I can't wait! I'm excited to get away but also to show my dad the place that I have fallen in love with. Unless you have been to the cabin, its hard to understand what I mean. All I can say is, you can see God. Just sitting on the beach watching the water, a sunset, or a bird fly by, it is so beautiful. I'm getting all dreamy just thinking about it....