Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hurry... mommy is in the shower... we don't have time to waste.

On a typical mornings the kids wake up while I'm in the shower, talk and play until I get them out. The past two mornings I have heard giggling while I was in the shower. Hmm, mommy radar kicks in and I start wondering what they are doing. Giggling is something I hear when they are laying down before bed or before a nap, or when they are wrestling. NEVER when they wake up. Mommy radar kicks into overdrive and I start thinking of all of the possibilities while rushing to finish my shower. Did Billy reach the basket that holds all of the baby wipes, lotion, diaper rash cream? I really start to worry.

I shut off the water, wrap the towel around me, water is dripping everywhere, I dash into their room.... to discover Billy and Bekah both in Bekah's crib. I sigh a great sigh, grab Billy explain to him that he can NOT climb into Bekah's crib. I go on to tell him that he could have gotten hurt or Bekah could have gotten hurt, but he is concerned because I guess I look funny with my hair dripping water all over and a towel wrapped around me. He looks at me so sweetly and says "sorry mommy". I give him a quick kiss and put him back into his bed until I can quickly get dressed and ready for the day(too many things to get into while mom is getting ready). As I walk out the door, Bekah shrieks, "MOMMY, NAKED!" I'm thinking to myself, why did we ever say the word naked when getting them ready for a bath. I reply, "no sweetie, mommy is wearing a towel" and continue getting ready.

Life with toddlers.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Fourth Of July

A little late is better than never, right? We celebrated the 4th of July in Dallas, NC.

Uncle Bob was working, so we had to say hi.
Kids weren't too sure what to think with all of the people.
They were setting off smaller fireworks while we were waiting for the real show to start. Billy thought they were amazing and had a blast.
Bekah on the other hand was terrified.
Every time a firework would go off she would cry and say "no, no, no". Once the real show started and they were continuos, she started enjoying them. She was actually watching them instead of burring her face in my chest.

We had a great time and loved the show.